Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's time for another round of "Let's See what Rose has downloaded from her iphone camera!!"

1. Check out this crazy house:

Isn't that wild? It is one of the most expensive houses in Des Moines...I had only seen photos of it until I was driving Michael around for a nap the other day and cruised by it!

2. Also on our drive, we saw this house:

That's right, it is a Morton building and house in one! When we were building our house, I was seriously considering this because Scott could not get a garage that was big enough. How perfect would this be? It is like you are living in your garage!! Imagine all the cool storage space you would have!

3. Apparently housing is a theme here....

I was in our preK-1 building the other day for recess duty and I scoped out the igloo the kindergarten class made out of milk jugs. How cool is that? Our school sure drinks a lot of milk!!

4. And speaking of milk... is Michael cruising the dairy aisle at Target! He recently started sitting up in the cart and that makes shopping so much more enjoyable for us and for all the old people who must come up and check him out. :o)


  1. I think Lance would like to live in a Morton building. I think it might be a little drafty. I've seen your first house a couple of times on my way to work using the back roads. I never knew that it was a house, I guess I always thought that it was some sort of nature preserve or something ... yes, I know. A nature preserve in the middle of Urbandale :)

  2. 1. That house looks like a space ship!

    2. Coolest igloo ever.

    3. Michael is so cute all strapped into the cart!

  3. Those are crazy houses! And that last picture of Michael . . . it's not just going to be old people stopping! What a cutie!


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