Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little sunshine....

These happy daffodils were $1.78 a bunch at HyVee last week so I picked up a couple. They are so bright and cheery, it really makes it feel like spring around here. The weather has been beautiful the past few days but unfortunately with all the snow melting and rainfall, my beloved Jester Park is FLOODED! The gates are closed; you can't even go in! I need to find somewhere else with minimal traffic where I can park, get out and walk.

In other news, Scott has started a new fitness program called "Goals in Motion". He wakes up early every morning and heads to a 6:15 workout, alternating between kickboxing and resistance training. So far he is pretty sore, but he is really liking it! We are eating super healthy, and I am being a supportive partner by shopping and preparing good foods for us to eat. It is so much easier when we are both on board- he has a hard time coming up with ideas for meals by himself and when I do an eating program, he never wants to eat the food! So this is a good compromise!

I have been getting up early with him and I do my own workout at home before Michael wakes up. So far, so good except last night Michael came down with a bad cold so I skipped this morning's workout in lieu of sleeping in (but hopefully we can get some exercise in later today....maybe out in the fresh air)! I feel so bad for the poor baby because there isn't a whole lot I can do for him. :o( I hope he feels better soon!

Any tips on how to help a sick baby??

Or a tired momma?


  1. For the sick baby, cool air humidifier, Up & Up vapo-rub from Target and the Vick's plug-ins. B's room is a wonderment of menthol :) Saline drops for the nose help to get the boogies too.

  2. Oh, and for Mama - if you like wine, Santa Maria Vineyard's Chardonnay - it is very lightly oaked so its not like sucking on an oak stick and made from an Iowa winery in Carroll. Hy-vee Liquor has it. Pair it with some good cheese, grapes and some pear slices. YUMM!

  3. Love the flowers! Wish I could help you with the sick baby...I have no idea :( Hope he feels better!


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