Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby bookworm

Confession: I am currently obsessed with baby board books.

I think the obsession was triggered during a trip to Barnes and Noble when I was browsing the children's section on a coffee high. I looked at the board books and I wanted to take them all home with me. They are just so little and perfect and cheery!! I love board books!! So cute!

But, I didn't buy any because I am a cheapskate.

However, I did log on to ebay when I got home and proceeded to bid on several lots of baby board books and I ended up winning a couple of them. How much did I pay for about 30 books? Around $5. (plus a little more for shipping and handling).

It is so exciting to get them in the mail and start building my little library. And of is fun to read them to Michael too.

We've also been frequenting the library as well (because I love free things!!).
I joined a baby story time group and so we can get new books every week.

Here is what we picked up this week:

I love love love these Skippyjon Jones' books. Mostly because he looks like my cat and they are so fun to read out loud. Also as a bonus: they help you brush up on your meager high school Spanish

Have you ever heard of Usborne books? An Usborne lady had a booth at the county fair this year and I bought a couple of their books because I just couldn't resist. They are so dang adorable! However...they are very expensive and again, I am cheap, so I was so excited to see the library had a great collection of Usborne books!

I like this one because it is a touch and feel. However since it is a library book, we try to be very careful and make sure Michael's fingers are slobber free before he touches it. But mostly he just wants to chew on it, so we usually hold it far away (good thing the print is large!)

How cute is that?

I also like the books with nursery rhymes or songs so you can sing the words.

...because sometimes I just think singing is more fun.

Thanks for listening to me rant about my little obsession! Anyone else out there have crazy baby obsessions? Anyone have any favorite baby books they love?

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  1. What do you do about the fact that they were used? Like, babies put things in their mouths and/or touch them with slobbery hands. I don't think you can wash board books, so what do I do?


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