Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Readers, I interrupt my normal ramblings about my son and his drool and sleep patterns to bring you a post about one of my hobbies (yes...I do have hobbies!)- music!

I play in a community group and Tuesday night we had a concert. I had a terrible day at school and the concert was late at night, on a night I am usually at home with Scott and Michael. It was rainy and foggy and I was late getting to the concert hall for warmups and I was just in a general cranky mood! It is so hard trying to get out of the house period with a baby, let alone trying to get somewhere at a certain time and actually looking presentable!

So at any rate, I was really feeling sorry for myself the whole concert. My mind wasn't where it should have been and I kept thinking how I would rather be in bed snoozing or catching up on my TV shows. I had been frustrated with my students' seemingly lack of progress in their lessons and rehearsals and I was just feeling blah.

But then during the concert (we shared it with a local high school group), I saw all these great young musicians playing (and playing well!), enjoying their instruments, making music and just made me feel better.

What good is it to be able to make music if you can't have fun doing it? For a super grand finale we joined forces with the high school group
(no rehearsals-training wheels off!) to perform American Salute
(click to listen to recording!) and it was pretty darn cool.

So thanks, high school students for helping me realize that sometimes all you gotta do is sit down and play!

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