Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa Visit

This past Saturday we got up bright and early, readied the troops, and headed out to the mall to meet Santa. This is the third year in a row we've gone to the same Santa and I think we have perfected our strategy. It involves getting to the mall before it opens (around 9:30) in order to grab a good parking spot and then hurrying down to be first in line at Santa. Meanwhile, a runner can go and get coffee from the Caribou coffee store in the mall. This year we were in line right at 9:40 and it didn't seem like that long at all...I figured we'd either have to wait before it opened or be waiting in line afterwards and I knew at least this way we'd get in and out. Call me crazy- it seems like it has turned into our tradition now! After meeting Santa, riding the train, playing in the play area we left the mall at about 10:30 and it was already starting to get crazy cakes out there! 

Before we go any further....a trip down memory lane: 

2012 when Michael was 3. I panicked with my camera settings as they only give you five seconds to take a photo on your own! Ah! Still cute and Michael is so little! 

Last year when Michael was four I got a very good photo, especially since I knew the drill and had my camera settings all ready to go. We also bought the photos from the nice elves since they had some good ones, too. 

Side note: I love how it is the same Santa every year. We actually arrived so early that we saw Santa walking into the mall in disguise (street clothes). Luckily, Michael did not see but the guy looks like a legit Santa Claus even without the suit! 

The girls were so good waiting to see Santa! We got lots of stops from elderly mall walkers and also chatted with the family behind us who had 2 year old twin girls. Comments heard were "you'll be busy this Christmas!" and "looks like you've got your  hands full!" (while trying to feed both girls bottles in the play area) and of course..."Are they identical?" I think it is so funny! 

And now...the Santa picture! 

The kids nailed it!!! 

The girls were so good and Santa let us put them right in his arms. He assured us he was a pro at holding two babies at once and then told us ours were some of the best he had seen. Michael also got a chance to talk to Santa a bit on his own before we got the girls ready for position. I'm pretty sure he asked Santa for a "Power Rangers Skylander City" which if you are curious, only exists in Michael's imagination but he is sure that Santa's elves can create it with their magical powers because "Santa can make anything!". 

I didn't even take my own camera this year because I felt like we were lugging around so much stuff as it was. I only bought the photos from the elves and then I took some video footage with my iphone for our annual Christmas video. You can look forward to it airing after the holiday!

However, I did try and get a few shots of the kids in their finery after we got home. 

Annual in front of the tree photo! Michael looked so handsome! 

Michael and his sisters! 

I ordered the kids outfits from Carters and then got the felt bows from a seller on etsy. I just think they are the cutest! 

Anna looking so sweet! 

After we got home we were so happy that the outing went well and everyone (including mom) stayed happy. Going to see Santa at the mall seems like a silly tradition but it works for us and we want to keep enjoying it while our kids are still little! 


And just because I feel like reminiscing this morning...here are all our posts from our Santa visits!

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