Monday, December 6, 2010

Visiting Santa

On Saturday morning we headed into our local community center for a "Breakfast with Santa" event. It was sponsored by the fire department and you could get pancakes, sausage, and then stand in line to see Santa. I had actually never been to our community center before- it is a new and it is an old church. It is a really great space to hold community events, but this one was kind of a disaster. We waited in line for both breakfast and to see Santa for over half an hour each. Everyone who had little kids with them just looked so stressed out. Santa was only there for an hour so it felt like we were just in line the whole time to see him. And also, our fireman did not have a huge pancake griddle to cook pancakes. Isn't that some sort of fireman's code to have that? I should have earmarked my donation to go towards one. :o)

All in all, it was fine and probably better than going to a mall to see Santa. We got to see some of our neighbors and daycare friends and support some local business at well. They had a little vendor fair set up and my favorite at home business- Usborne books- was there. Love them!

Michael has been loving the Christmas ornament bulbs or "bahs" as he calls them. He spent a long time entertaining himself by taking the little bulbs in the box and putting them in the big tube and then back again. He just thinks it is so fun!

I've really had to be on tree patrol with Michael being mobile this year. I think he really just thinks the bulbs are balls and wants to play with them. He is pretty good about just looking, but sometimes I will catch him sneaking a couple of touches in. He really loves the lights and when we see a Christmas tree he goes "Ooooo". So cute!

Last but of course not least, my parents were here for a few days last week to see my little sister dance in a state competition. They were a big help and even watching Michael when I went to work on Friday. My mom cleaned my was awesome! Michael really loves them and it is so fun to see them together.

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  1. Is Michael wearing a Minnesota Vikings shirt?

    GO Vikings!!!!


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