Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A visit with Santa

This past weekend, we all trekked out to the mall to pay a visit to Santa.  I hadn't realized how much more planning goes into a visit to Santa now that I can't stop by on some random weekday morning when I'm not working! We got there bright and early, about 15 minutes before Santa arrived and we were first in line (actually we made Scott wait while Denise, Michael and I walked around). It was pretty cool being there early because we got to see Santa make a surprise appearance on the level above us and then ride the escalator down.

Michael was so brave and had a good conversation with Santa. I'm pretty sure he asked him for a trampoline, a barbie doll and a dollhouse, and a rocket ship. 

How big does Michael look? Where did my baby go?? 

 After we visited Santa, Michael took a quick spin around on the little train (he loved it) and then we played at the mall playground for a big chunk of time. Michael kept climbing to the top of the little castle and saying it was his "Candy Castle" reference to the Candyland games we play nightly. It was too cute. We all also enjoyed a nice morning pretzel snack from Pretzelmaker which is conveniently located by the play place so the lovely pretzel smells wafts over to you. I haven't had one of those in years!

We had a great visit to Santa and it was so fun to see Michael get so excited to see the big guy. Less than a week left until Christmas!

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