Friday, December 5, 2014


Happy Friday! 

It sure has been a fast week around here...well, a fast two weeks really if you factor in the craziness of last week's holiday. I feel like I am still recovering from it! I used to read a blog about mothering and she would talk about how hard it is when you have young kids- she would talk about how a trip to the grocery store would set her back for days. Her stories are really resonating with me as it seems like I am in the same point in my life and motherhood journey. It is so hard just to get through one day these days, only caring for my children and my home (barely). When something else is added to the plate it becomes much harder to balance and it really does take me a while to recover my energy levels and get things in my home back in order again. It is a change for sure but we are dealing with it the best we can! 

Michael and Brynn- most alike in personalities, I think! They are both high energy, strong and a little bit silly! 

My morning glories! They love being near their mommy all the time! I love Anna's full belly of milk! 

Have you seen these new mugs at Starbucks? I love them! I love all of them! They have special designs out for Christmas and they have an especially large collection of the ceramic mugs which are my favorite. I love ceramic travel mugs because they feel like a real mug but are set up for easy traveling. I love the bonus of being able to pop them into the microwave to reheat coffee or make a mug of tea in the afternoon at school. What I don't love? That I break them sometimes. :o(  Remember the time I had a student break my favorite mug on purpose at his lesson because he was mad at me? Yes, I had to leave the room I was so upset and I still see him years later (he has since decided not to continue with band) and I remember....don't mess with my coffee or my mugs!! 

The day after Thanksgiving we spent a nice day at home just recuperating from the holiday and getting the house in order again. It was special because Scott was at work and Michael was home with me so we got to have some good time together. His favorite thing to do on cold days is take a big bubble bath in my tub! And I will admit, I also squeezed a hot soak in that morning while the girls were sleeping. I try and remind myself we didn't make sure to put a jet tub in our bathroom if we weren't going to use it! 

Happy baby! She is always smiles so big when her diaper is off-who knows? Loves feeling aired out, I guess? 

In terms of weather it has been a gorgeous week. Temperatures in the mid 30s with no snow or precipitation and lots of sunshine. I will take it! I usually try and get out of the house each afternoon to grab a coffee and take the girls for a drive and these nice days make it very enjoyable. I know it seems like a silly indulgence but it gives me something to look forward to each day! 

My favorite- Jester Park, beautiful even in the winter!

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Love, love, love following along on your journey. So jealous of all the snuggles you're getting!!! ;)


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