Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12 weeks!

Oh my sweet girly girls, I cannot believe you are twelve weeks old! 

I feel like I have been living in some sort of fantasy world, one where I never have to go back to my old life. Every day I am amazed and thankful I get to be the mother of two sweet baby girls. I feel like all the hard work and uncertainty of a twin pregnancy and the endless newborn days are just a distant memory now and my time is dwindling down before I have to go back to work and put my teacher hat back on. 

Anyway, these girls. I love them so much! 



I love her big smile- dried milk goatee and all! 

Baby bellies, arm and leg rolls! 



They look a lot alike with hats on!

"You are totally the meanest mom ever!!"

My sister in law's mother gave these hats to me along with some other sweet stuff and I wanted to get some cute photos of the girls in the hats. It didn't turn out exactly as planned so I will have to try again! They are so sweet and I love the pom poms on top! 

I will hopefully be back with a meatier 3 month post next week but wanted to share these sweet photos of my baby girls! They are so big and growing every day. They are my sweet little angels! 

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  1. How did Brynn win all that hair? lol. So adorable. :) Can't believe they are twelve weeks already!!!!


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