Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to my holiday home tour!

This has felt like the least decorating I have done in a while, and I am not entirely sure why. Of all years, I have had the most time at home to get stuff out and enjoy it this year. But it also seems like this year with the addition of two sweet babies, it all feels like a bit too much. My house already feels slightly cluttered with baby gear and the Christmas stuff just adds to the feeling for me. Plus being home all day, it seems like things are more likely out of place than staying picture picture (ha!). However, I am trying to embrace this season of life with the realization that someday I will be able to deck all the halls of my house when my children are all grown and I am home alone by my lonesome. :o( 

Nah, really I think decorating adds to the magic for children so I hope to keep it up every year. Just before I put this post together I was reviewing last year's post and I saw lots of ideas that I did then and forgot to do this year- like lights and garland on my bannister, hanging my paper stars garland, lights on my outdoor wreath, and more things. I need to think of a better way to plan for the future.... so at the very least these posts may seem silly but it is fun to look back and remember what I did year to year since my memory has all but failed me due to all my sleepless nights. 


We used our artificial tree again this year. I swear I would never use a fake tree year after year and so far it has turned out that way. This year the thought of trying to lug a real tree home was just too much but maybe next year will be easier. I would actually like to get a second artificial tree in the future so I could have more than one tree in the house--maybe a smaller one in the living room or dining room. 

Entry way "display"...popular with Michael because of his TWO advent calendars that he checks every morning for chocolates and then lets me know how many days are left until Christmas. We also have displayed our Christmas crafts here- pom pom penguin flock and foam nativity. 

I put these stars out this year because they were very easy to hang since I left the ribbons on from the last time I used them. They were a after Christmas purchase from Pier 1 and are right up my alley...natural, sparkly and star shaped. 

I've been making a conscious effort to display the little crafts Michael brings home from preschool. They are so sweet and I hope it helps him feel like he helped contribute to the decorating! 

Living Room. 

I added these pillows that I bought last year on clearance after Christmas for a great price. I love how they add some Christmas color to the furniture but usually they are just strewn all about by a certain little boy! I also dug out our Christmas quilt which usually is in our blanket pile in the basement- I would also like to add some more seasonal throws that could come out in the winter since we spend lots of time cuddling under blankets. 

Here is a real version of what my living room looks like- baby stuff everywhere!! 

I ordered these Lands Ends stockings last year after Christmas when they were on sale (catching a theme here?) because Scott's mom always hangs hers for the whole family and I think they are so lovely. They are beautiful and heirloom quality so I hope I can have these forever. It was so funny as I was thinking about decorating and the thought popped into my head that I needed to order two more stockings for Anna and Brynn- how wild that at this time last year we had no inkling that we would be adding two more additions to our family! I love these stockings and just seeing all the names in my family together...every day I marvel that yes, that is my family and wow, it is big! 

My Christmas books and cards from years past. I spent some time looking through them this year and it is so fun! 

Again, with the keeping it real...Star Wars legos are also a big part of my decorating this year! 

I love this little area with my card garland, little people nativity, and Christmas books in their basket. I just pull our book basket out at Christmas and then store it away again, keeping everything in the basket. Most of the books are cheapies from the book order but I like to have lots of options since we only read Christmas books during the month of December! I like the addition of the pillows here and think it adds some warmth and texture. 

My tree! 

I tried to add a bunch of ribbon this year to make it seem more full. It is hard to tell from the photo but there is a TON of ribbon in there. I tried to do a better job of stuffing it into the tree branches so it just didn't look like it was sitting on top (a problem I've have with trees in the past). I also learned a tip from watching some youtube videos is that you actually do not want your ribbon to be in a pattern as most "designer" trees just have the ribbon going every which way. I also tried to add lots of plain bulbs to the inside of the tree to cover up patchy spots that are a problem with my artificial tree, then I added my sentimental ornaments on top of it all as some little sprinkles. 

My mom was here the day I set it up so I got the tree up, lights on, and everything decorated in one day. It was a big help! 

I let Michael put on his special ornaments and it resulted in them all being clumped together in one little spot. It makes me smile...never in a million years did I think I would allow Star Wars ornaments on my tree! 

I love ornaments that feature babies. I know they are special because of Baby Jesus but also because we like to spent extra moments remembering our little angel baby at Christmas. 

I've been hanging a real wreath on my door for the past few years and I really like it. I usually stop at Earl May to buy a wreath for Trace at the cemetery and it just feels right to buy one for myself while I am there. I buy a small one for him and then a larger one for just makes it seem like there is a little bit of our home at the cemetery. 

And finally...the two best presents under the tree. :o) 

Thanks for stopping by my home tour today! Have a great holiday!


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  1. beautiful, Rose!!! i love the ribbon on the tree -- i will have to try that next year! your home always looks warm : ) and ready for a cup of coffee. your idea with each years' holiday cards is the best. cool pillows ... they make for great decor.

  2. Beautiful! Have a blessed Christmas!


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