Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour! 

I am linking up today with the Nester home tour so if you are visiting, welcome! If you are a regular reader please go over and see everyone's beautiful homes! Wow! 

My vision this year was white paper stars, brown paper accents, and burlap with a rustic feel. I spent a large part of Thanksgiving break cutting out about 200 paper stars and hung them in my windows. They are so beautiful and when Michael saw them he said, "it looks like it is snowing in our house". I hope it feels so magical to him. 

I wanted to sew the snowflakes into a garland on my sewing machine but they kept getting caught so I reverted to twine and scotch tape. I also could have just taped them to each other to make a long string. I sewed the brown paper circle garland on my machine and that on worked well. Everything is just hanging up by tape...I am such a good diy-er, huh? 

I put my glittered letter garland (made from hobby lobby cardboard letters, twine and hot glue) front and center with a very important reminder to myself this holiday season: peace. 

Peace for my home, myself and for others. 

The tree with burlap, gold lettered accents, bulbs and lots of ornaments. I was hoping to have extra brown paper garland for it also but I ran out of it decorating with my windows. 

Front entry table with another glittered letter garland, Michael's advent calendar and nativity. 

Front door wreath from the nursery- Trace has a matching one at the cemetery. 

I was looking through old holiday photos and found a photo from one year when I had a gorgeous real garland on my railing that I had totally forgot about doing. Isn't that crazy? So why it might seem ridiculous to take photos of all of this, at least it is a good record of the years and to get ideas for the next year. I just had this little lighted garland in storage but I like the extra touch. 

My new nativity from my Grandma (got last year at Christmas). I love all the pieces and the detail. 

I've been trying to bind up my cards the past couple of years to put out at holiday time. They are actually really fun to flip through! One year I made a little photo book of the season and that is out also. It fun just to look at these little snapshots of life. 

My jazzed up tree topper- picks from Hobby Lobby. I like the way it turned out!

I also made these mini garlands with glittered letters from my tree with the words Hope, Faith, Love, Joy and Kundel. They were fun to make and I like seeing them on my tree. 

My helper boy! 

Thanks for visiting!! 

Have a very merry Christmas! 

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  1. I'm totally in love with your tree - especially your glitter fest :) I had my own grouchiness about Christmas and therefore put up about 1/4 of what I usually do. But on the flip side, I've got my baking done!
    I really love your Christmas card books - do you take them somewhere to have them put together?


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