Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my holiday open house! I hope you enjoy yourself! :o)

We have put our tree in the sun room since we've lived here- it is nice because it is out of the way but we can still enjoy it. A nice bonus is that you can really see it from the back of the house when you are driving up to it!

I've been trying to go for a brown/rustic/woodsy look for Christmas. I also have a lot of gold and glittery things so I am thinking next year I might try and switch things up a bit.

Michael loves the tree!

I only bought three poinsettias this year; one big, one medium and one small. They are SO cheap and beautiful at Walmart. You should pick some up- you just have to keep them alive for a few weeks! I've heard if you take them outside in the summer and plant them they get huge, but we'll see how much patience I have with them over the winter. I feel like mine are always picky to take care of because they like to be watered every day, but just a little bit and not too much because they don't like that. Geeze!

We decorated our ledges this year- I had everything ready to go so it was pretty quick. Scott got the tall ladder out for me and everything!

Live wreath on the front door. It is so hard to find a wreath that does not have all sorts of awful decorations on it, but they had some really nice ones at Trader Joes for about $10!

Merry Christmas to you from our home to yours!

p.s., check out last year's post and also head on over for more beautiful holiday homes!!


  1. Tree is beautiful and it is a bonus you can see it well in windows! I am going to look around rest of your blog now too.

  2. Everything is just gorgeous! I love all the stars. You definitely have the rustic thing going on - it's beautiful.

  3. I always love your Christmas decorations! Gorgeous!

  4. Looks great! Love the subtle color scheme!

  5. Beautiful! I love all the windows by your tree-I bet it looks amazing as you drive up!

  6. Gorgeous!!!! And you have such an amazing home.

  7. I LOVE your Christmas decorations. You are soooo great with a camera.....great photo angles.

  8. Very pretty. I also love stars and pinecones, and used lots in our Christmas decor too.


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