Friday, December 16, 2011

A really wimpy holiday decorating post...

My holiday decorating this year could easily be described as....wimpy. Uninspired, really. And guess what? I am okay with it. Our tree is up and lit and even Michael has a little tree in his room to keep him company at night. We didn't get our lights up on our trees outside, but we did put a few strands on our deck. A star wreath on my front door and we are good to go.

A confession: I had a breakdown when decorating my tree this year. I think we are going to get a real one for sure next year. It takes so much junk on the stupid fake tree to even make it look kind of good. So frustrating. I've already started my inspiration board on Pinterest for Christmas 2012 when hopefully things will feel better around here.

I made a few of these ornaments using Mod Podge, some photos I had, and a Sharpie paint pen. They are really sweet and I love seeing them on my tree. I hope this is a holiday tradition we can carry on for years- how fun would it be to see all those photo ornaments in 10 years? I made a couple with Trace's photo, one with Michael's and one with the two of them together. Wouldn't it also be fun to have one with the whole family?

That is the extent of my holiday decorating...a little Christmas spirit, but not too much. I hope your homes are feeling festive also!

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  1. Your tree looks beautiful!! I think of you, and pray for you often. I pray that God gives you the peace, and strength to get through Christmas this year, and every year. I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through. I'm sure holidays are especially hard. I truly admire your strength. You're an inspiration to all mothers. Thanks for sharing your story.


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