Tuesday, November 6, 2012


"I want my kids to see me with them, see me laughing and smiling, sitting in the sun. I want my motherhood captured. I want to stop looking at my flaws in the pictures and start looking at the love and happiness that’s the subtext, the background for these photos. When my kids are grown and I’m old and they are doing what I’m doing now I want them to see me doing it. Being there, in the moment."
-Saydi Shumway
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh my -- this is now one of my favorites of you and Michael : ). You both look so comfortable. Have a good week, Rose. ~ karin

  2. this picture has LOVE written all over it. You are both each others' worlds, I can tell. thanks for sharing such a sweet moment! LH

  3. Your beauty and love is more than apparent. Thank you for sharing this quote, it's something I need to remember as well.



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