Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Thanksgiving...

....instagram style!

I know, would you expect anything less from me? :o)

A couple of notes:

I had the house to myself on Wednesday before Thanksgiving so I could get things prepped for the big day. It was so nice to be home with a clean, quiet house and the sun shining in the windows. It was bliss. 

We got Michael Candyland when it was on sale for like $4 at Target last week. To say it is a hit is a total understatement....I think we've played 10 rounds every day since! He loves it!

Mom brought Michael the little table and he is so cute when he sits at it. It is his "may-doh" table but we've also started eating his dinner there. So cute. 

Next up...highlights from the last ISU game of the season!

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