Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Friday! We made it through another week! And guess what? Next week is Thanksgiving!!

Are you excited? I am. I am making my grocery list today and doing a chunk of my grocery shopping this afternoon. I have next Wednesday off work to be a busy bee in the kitchen. I hope everything turns out just the way I am picturing it in my head.

Last Friday I had a day off of work because it was conferences week (and us teachers put in a whole day of work outside of school that week) and so I spent the day celebrating my actual 30th birthday. It was awesome.

First up was a visit to Scott's office where he took me out for a delicious BBQ lunch at my favorite place, Catus Bob's. Next was spending the whole day running errands like a mad woman while Michael was at daycare. I got so much done!

On Saturday, Scott had to work in the morning and so Michael and I hit the zoo since it was 70 degrees and sunny!! It was crazy! We had a great time and we especially had a fun time playing with the new camera on my new iphone 5....a very special birthday present for me. :o) I've had my old iphone since before Michael was born so I am happy to be back with current technology. It's awesome!

We spent the rest of my birthday weekend at home, just hanging out as a family and doing some projects (which I can't wait to share with you later!). We also had my favorite Sunday ever--early church in the morning followed by a big brunch complete with eggs, rolls and bacon. I even snuck a little nap in while I was reading a new book. Perfect day, right?

Unfortunately, it is has been back to reality for me this week with a very busy week at school. We are gearing up for our concert on Monday (eek!) but the good news is that after our concert I will have lots of time to be home with my family, eat turkey, and cheer on the Cyclones!

And plus, with as awesome of students as I have- as demonstrated by this homemade birthday cookie with musical notes frosting-- going to work is pretty fun. Have a great day!

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