Friday, November 30, 2012


Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st?

Crazypants, right? 

I also can't believe today is finally Friday. After last week's super short school week, this week has seemed to go by super slowly.

Last weekend we wrapped up the ISU football season with a cold home game. It was cold, it was windy but at least it was sunny. 

We are cool and yelled at the marching band to come over and play us a song. And then we took pictures with them...because our whole tailgate isn't lifelong band geeks or anything....ha.

Despite the weather, we actually had a really fun tailgate and even snagged a group picture (totally stealing this from you, Christa!). I love it.

We were about the only ones tailgating in our lot. It was windy and we had our tent tied to a tree and it still broke. :o( 

The Cyclones lost but for the most of the game I thought they had WVU beat. It was a great way to round out the Thanksgiving weekend and hope it continues to be a tradition. Go Cyclones!

(not an insta, but I'd thought I'd include this one of my sister, Michael and I!)

Happy Friday! 

life rearranged


  1. Love those 1st 2 photos! How did you get parts of the 1st photo to blur?


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