Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water park fun!

On Valentine's Day, we got up bright and early to meet my parents at their hotel to do some swimming!

Michael had a blast. He was in the water for two hours straight! He took a few breaks to get warmed up, but he was go-go-going pretty much the entire time. He loved the little ship slide because he could climb the stairs and go down backwards. He loved walking around the baby pool and checking out all the kids. He loved floating in his turtle floatie and he loved the fountains!

It was a hit, for sure! We were sure thankful for the opportunity to do something outside of our normal routine, especially on these long winter days. Thanks to my dad for the idea! :o)

Michael was such a big boy!

After lunch at Perkins (which involved chocolate chip pancakes...bad idea for Michael!) we came home and Michael and I both took epic naps. I think 3 1/2 hours for Michael? When dad came home he brought surprises for us!

Scott brought Michael a bouqet of balloons ("boons!") since every time we've gone to the store Michael has really wanted to play with them. They were a great surprise!

Also, let these photos be an indicator to you why I don't usually take photos in my house after dark...yowzers.

After Michael went to bed, Scott and I had a great dinner of take out Thai food and some chocolate! It was a great night and day!

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