Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Bathtime

Align CenterIt's no secret to anyone who knows Michael that he is a busy boy! He is always go-go-going and this quality continues right up to bath time.

He has been a little congested and goober-ry this weekend so we took an extra long bath while Scott was playing hockey last night. He is always so cute and I always think I should take photos and this time I actually grabbed my camera at bath time!

Don't nudity!

I'm pretty sure all bathrooms have bad lighting unless you have a window. Do most bathrooms have a window? Only our master bath does. I edited these and some turned out pretty cool. I love Michael's chubby arms, it is a little reminder that he is still my baby boy although he is growing fast.

Michael loves to splash, play in the faucet water, and dump water out of containers. He also goes, "Ooooo.....OOOO...ooooOOO" when he is having fun, hence the funny faces in all of these photos!

He is such a busy boy!

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  1. fun photos, and i love hearing about michael's busy-bodiness! i'm trying to figure out indoor/evening light ... they always look golden! have a good week :)


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