Friday, February 4, 2011

Suriving the Snow

Michael and I had a whole day off to ourselves on Wednesday and we were snowed in. It was super freezing out (-20 windchills), drifting snow, and I didn't want to risk getting stuck in the driveway again so we stayed in all day. It was a long haul. Usually we try and get out in the morning on my days home to break up the day a little bit so not getting out made the day seem long.

I also realized I have very little up sleeve in terms of fun, short activities I could help Michael do. I did some research and found a blog about "tot school" which was full of fun and education activities for little kids to do. I'll have to get on that!

We did play in our "sensory tub" filled with beans for about an hour which was fun. We also did "finger painting sensory activity" with whipped cream but Michael just ended up eating it all and then we ended up with this:

We did watch the documentary "Babies", which is currently on Netflix streaming right now. I had gotten a few recommendations from friends about it and was so good! Scott didn't really get it, but Michael and I watched it in two little sections (it is about 60 minutes long) and he sat still and watched it the whole time in my lap.

This baby was my favorite. He had an older brother and a kitty who he liked to play with. I recommend it for anyone looking for some snowy day fun!

Here are some snowy day photos for you:

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  1. Love the video of him dancing, made me dizzy. LOL. When Chloe and I are stuck inside all day it makes for a very long day. I try to break it up into sections and activities. We sometimes just end up going for a walk around the block just to get out of the house.


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