Monday, February 7, 2011

A Visit with Ellie

Our niece Ellie and Susan and Jen came to visit us this weekend! It was a busy, loud weekend with two kids in the house and lots of adults but I think everyone had a great time!

Michael had tons of fun playing with his cousin. He really wanted to be right by her the whole time, which Ellie sometimes interpreted as being pesky so that was a hard lesson for Michael to learn. He loves older kids so much and gets so excited to be around them!

Friday night we did make your own pizzas downstairs and watched Inception. Half the people fell asleep and the other half thought it was mind blowing so I would suggest you check it out. And surprise, surprise...I actually stayed awake for the whole movie! That feat is quite possibly the first time I've stayed away for any TV viewing this whole pregnancy.

Saturday morning we ventured out of the house for a morning at the Science Center of Iowa. We spent about 90 minutes browsing the exhibits and then we ate a picnic lunch and watched and IMAX movie about deep sea adventures. Michael had a great time and behaved awesome. His favorite part was the Star Theater which is a planetarium. He liked sitting on the floor and watching all the activity on the screen above him! I think Ellie's favorite activity was touching not one- but two snakes throughout the day. Yuck!

We came home and did some playing and then headed out to our favorite local mexican joint for some dinner. I had a delicious taco salad (yes, I strayed from my usual nachos which I can't get enough of this pregnancy) and it was nice to go out to eat somewhere that was fast and loud!

After dinner and bedtime for the kiddos, we watched Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. Unfortunately, this movie I did not stay awake for. Staying awake for two nights in a row is a lot to ask!

The next morning we had a great breakfast of individual egg casseroles (faster oven time...I feel like my regular recipe takes an hour or more to bake in the oven) and more play time!

I can't believe how much of a hit this pirate ship was all weekend:

Scampy loved watching Ellie and really wanted to play with her!

After a quick lunch date at McDonalds, we said goodbye to our guests! Thanks for the fun weekend, cousin Ellie!

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  1. Inception....either you love or you don't. We went with friends to see it. We LOVED it, they didn't. I think it is one of those movies that needs to watched several times to get everything.

    Your weekend looked fun!!!!


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