Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daddy's New Digs

Scott has recently moved into a new office!

His boss has been working hard on this project for YEARS. He originally bought a house on the lot next to their current office for the property. The poor house was in bad shape, and Scott's boss really wanted us to move into it. Which tells you how long ago that was....I think it was before we were married! They finally bulldozed the house this summer and have been working on the building since fall.

Everyone moved in a couple weeks ago and I finally got to visit a few days ago when everything was all finished. I was blown away! I think it is really beautiful and Scott's boss did a great job.

The best part of the office is the super sweet breakroom in the back. They have a dishwasher!!

Up front they have a beverage station for customers (and wives-ha!) with a Keurig coffee maker and beverage fridge underneath. They have a coffee dealer who visits their office and brings them lots of yummy coffees. She can get them at a big discount so I need to get Scott my list so I can stock up too!

They also have a new conference room which they did not have in their old office. I think this is great for meetings or when they have customers come in with their families. Plus, how great do those chairs look?

I think my favorite part of the whole office is the tile. I love it! It should be a lot easier to keep clean and maintain over the years than their old carpet.

The office is huge! The guys' individual offices are off to the side.

The main entry area is a two stories high and really nice. It gives it a nice feel when you walk in. I am so proud of Scott working for such a great office that gets to work in a beautiful space. He is a hard worker and I am proud of him!

Thanks for coming on a little virtual tour with me!


  1. Wow - that looks more like an amazing house than an office!

  2. Wow! Glenn did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing since I won't be able to visit myself. :)

  3. beautiful, rich space -- love that entry way. i would be hanging out at the beverage station all day :)


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