Thursday, September 23, 2010

Z is for Zamboni

This past weekend when we visited Omaha, we were really there for Scott's hockey game. He is part of a really great team and they decided this year they wanted to do some traveling. A guy on the team had a buddy in Omaha, so they organized a couple of games for the guys.

Michael and I missed the first game because we needed to eat lunch, check into our hotel (Embassy Suites!) and run to Wal-Mart. Just a note to the wise: never go to Wal-Mart in Nebraska on a game day. Every single person in the store was wearing Husker red. It was WEIRD. In fact, every single person I saw in Omaha that day was wearing Husker red. Even dogs and people mowing their yards. It was like bizarro world.

Anyway, Michael and I caught the second game and he had a great time watching the guys skate around on the ice!

Scott came up to the glass to say hi and Michael had no idea it was him! His face was priceless!

I picked up some cheap toys at sale earlier that morning and they kept Michael entertained for a long time. He loved running all over the place and was making friends with everyone.

Scott's team had a great time playing against new opponets and bonding as a team. We can't wait until their next trip!

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