Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What is fall without a trip to the apple orchard?

I seriously haven't been on a trip to an orchard since 1st grade, but it just seems like such a great thing to do this time of year.

It was a beautiful day on Sunday (after the gray, drizzly day on Saturday-boo) so we decided to take advantage of weather and head out to the country on a little excursion. Fall is so unpredictable you'll never when you'll have another nice day!

Michael wasn't too excited to be sitting in the pumpkins although he perked up a bit later.

When we got home, I realized the poor guy had a tummy ache and wasn't feeling well. :o(

He did however, have fun playing in the corn pool, petting the goats, and going for a hayride pulled by a tractor. He sat so nice on my lap and watched the tractor wheels going round and round the whole ride! The farm was huge and you could get dropped off to pick your apples and pumpkins but we didn't get any that day.

We ended the day with a snack of cider donuts and apple cider for everyone. So delicious! Michael had sugar all over his face from the donut!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love fall and sure do miss the Midwest during this season!


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