Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Thursday!


(totally unrelated photo-mums are blooming!)

Thursday means the week is almost over! Today is another long day for me at school and Michael at daycare, but tomorrow we just have a half day and I have some fun things planned for our morning together! I'm hoping next week will go smoother as all the students will have one lesson under their belt and I won't have to tell them things like how to open their instrument case. It's all about the little things! :o)

This subbing gig is really giving me lots of perspective on lots of things in my life like how much my husband works all day and how much I appreciate it that he lets me stay home part time. It's tough! I don't know how full time working mom's do it all the time-they are superwomen, hands down! It is also forcing me to be thankful for the time I had (and will have!) at home with Michael, something that I complain about sometimes and taken for granted.

I've been feeling the need to decompress after school and last night I took a little walk after Michael went to bed. The cool evenings feel so good- I just wish they would last longer!! Fall seems like such a fleeting thing.

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