Friday, September 3, 2010

It's time for Cyclone football!!

Are you as excited as Michael and I?

I drove all over the town of Ames to try and find a cute shirt for Michael to wear for his second (that's right...he went to a game last year when he was just itty bitty!) Cyclone football game and I found the cutest one ever!

I didn't think he would get to wear this long sleeved shirt because the day started out in the 80's but ended up in the 60's after a cold front went through. That is a big change! Scott called us as we were getting ready and we had to do a quick scramble to try and find warmer clothes to wear. And let me tell you, it was a scramble. I haven't worn jeans in a long time and trying to find a pair that were not maternity was darn near impossible. What did I wear before I was pregnant? What happened to all those pants? Did I throw them out in some sort of hormonal moment? All I know is that I need to go shopping soon!

We were on the fence about taking Michael to the game with us but we decided at the last minute that he would probably do fine. We were wrong-he did AWESOME! He was such a good little boy and even slept through most of the second half of the game in his ergo carrier. However I did notice the man sitting next us moved a couple of rows down...whoops!

Michael was so cute and he would clap his little hands every time he heard the crowd start to clap. He just learned this new skill this week-he is so smart! :o)

We had a great time tailgating and it was good see friends, enjoy good food and drink adult beverages! I am so thankful this year that I am not nine months pregnant like I was last year. What was I thinking going to football games last fall? I could barely stand or walk! I think it suffices to say I am feeling much, much better this year!

It was a great night and the Cyclones topped it off with a victory over Northern Illinois! Way to go State!


  1. it was great tailgate/football weather! i'm so impressed michael made it through a game (and envious!). i married into hawkeye but i'm an ISU grad :)

  2. I'm totally not ready, but that picture may just take me over the edge! :)


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