Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Omaha Zoo

This past weekend we took an overnight trip to Omaha. One of the stops on our trip was to the Henry Doorly Zoo. I hadn't been there for YEARS and man has it changed. It is a huge zoo, and we were pooped after just a few hours there. Michael loved everything and didn't snooze the entire time!

Most of the time he was doing this:

There was a little garden area where the parrots hung out. It was so beautiful but those parrots are NOISY! The birds were so pretty sitting on their perches above the pretty plants. I loved the formal garden look-maybe someday I will transform my yard into something like that? You would never have to mow again!

The other favorite part of the day was the gorilla exhibit.

I could have watched this baby gorilla all day! I was so mad Scott made us leave after just a few minutes. This little guy was so funny, he was just like a toddler.

He was hamming it up to the audience when his mom came over, took his hand and drug him away. He was in trouble!

And just for fun...

On my Nikon it shows a picture of a sea anemone for the highest ISO on the selection menu. It is so funny because I always wonder what exact situation will you be in when you need a high ISO to take a photo of a sea anemone? I figured I better take my opportunity while it presented itself!

We had a great time at the zoo even though we didn't get to see everything we wanted. It will give us an excuse to go back next time!

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  1. The photo of the Parrot is so vibrant. Great lighting for the photo it must have been overcast.


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