Monday, September 27, 2010

Cyclones Win!

Although it was a rainy and dreary Saturday in Ames, Cyclones beat UNI!

Michael was pretty excited even though he had to stay home with Grandma for the game. I'm sure they had lots of fun! Thanks, Mom for coming to stay with Michael on such short notice!

We were all under our tent on the concrete to try and stay dry during tailgating. The people who set up in the grass were covered in mud! I saw kids that looked like they had been rolling around in the mud-icky!

The tailgate was lots of fun with plenty of time to catch up with friends. The rain really held off and it wasn't too bad of a day! It was disappointing to have such a bad weather day after having such a nice week with temperatures in the 80's. Oh well-what is being a college football fan without braving some bad weather?

Just for fun, here is a flashback of tailgating during bad weather in 2006....

Notice that all the sane people decided to stay home for this one!

Freezing, but still enjoying a beverage!

Anyway...back to present day. It really wasn't that bad of a day!

Go Cyclones!

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