Monday, September 20, 2010


Michael and I tried to take some photos outside to use for his birthday invitation and looking back at these pictures really makes it seem like fall. What is it about them? The lighting? I am hating the early sunsets these days and it just makes everything seem so dreary.

I took about a hundred shots of Michael to try and get one that would work for my project, so these are all the outtakes! I thought I could bribe him by giving him a little mum to hold on to, and it is so cute that he wanted to hold on to it the whole time. He even took it back inside the house after we were done and continued to play with it. I think this kid has a future in horticulture! :o)

The purple fountain grass is so huge now-it amazes me how it just continues to grow and grow all summer long. It would be such a pretty backdrop for a photo if my model would just sit still! :o)

He looks like such a big boy in these photos it just breaks my heart. I am in serious denial about his birthday in just a few weeks...I haven't even done any planning for his party except for setting a date! I better get on that!

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