Saturday, August 29, 2009

Panic Friday

Yesterday I had my 34 week OB appointment and my blood pressure was a little high. They had me lie down on my left side and left me alone in the room for what seemed like hours for me to calm down so they could retake it. Or instead of calming down...googling high blood pressure in pregnancy on my iphone and freaking out!! I was very, very worked up. The nurse came in and took it again and it was lower, but still borderline. So, they checked my urine sample and that was fine and then they took a blood sample and sent me on the way and told me I would hear the results that day.

So, while I was waiting for the results I proceeded to panic and stopped at babies r us and target and picked up everything I could think of that I still needed to get to be ready for the baby to arrive. The worst case scenerios were running through my head: bed rest, or early induction, etc. I was a mess!

Luckily, once I got home I got the call that my bloodwork came back fine and they just think my blood pressure was a little elevated that morning. I have to go back next Friday as well as weekly now on until the end of my pregnancy to make sure everything is fine. I feel like I am in the safe zone for now, but still it makes me worried. My current project is packing my hospital bag and making sure everything here at home is ready to go, just in case!

In all honesty though, I really have been feeling worse since starting school and I don't know if it is unrelated or not. But, it is a little stressful trying to do my job when I am only at school 10 hours a week and plus after rehearsal I am just drenched in sweat because it is so hot in my room. I'm talking dripping face, wet hair sweat. It's gross. Hopefully this next week will be smoother and everything will still be fine at my next appointment.

In other news...I set up the newborn napper on my pack and play and it is just so darling! I couldn't resist a picture!

It even has a little thing you hook up to it for vibration! I hope our little baby likes snuggling up in this when he or she comes home!

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