Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby shower recap

As I mentioned earlier, this past weekend was my big baby shower!
(which reminds me...I should probably be doing thank you notes as we speak! eek!)

It was a great time and lots of wonderful friends and family came to help me celebrate the arrival of the new baby. Everyone was so generous and I am so excited at all the new baby things we have!
(which reminds me...I should probably get busy on organizing the nursery!)

I am super excited about our pack and play in this fun pattern. I think we will use it a ton!

Also in the same matching pattern is our travel system, which now allows me to stop having nightmares about leaving for the hospital and not having our carseat yet! We've had tons of fun pushing it around the house already.

My grandma gave me this rocker which she used to rock my mom and her siblings. She re-caned the seat for me and re-varnished it. It is so beautiful and I can't believe how well it fits in my home! It will be a treasured piece for a lifetime.

Also...notice my cat investigating everything which he thinks is his job. Everything that is just the right size for a baby is also just the right size for a kitty!

Notice there are no pictures of me...hopefully I will post some soon when the hostesses email them to me! :o)

It was a great day!
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  1. Congratulations. I am glad things are coming together for you.


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