Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pond Hockey

I touched on this a little yesterday, but it has been really cold lately and our pond has frozen really nicely. The ice is thick and very smooth! I think Scott was chopping at the bit to get out there. I think he secretly has big dreams for our little pond and really wants to invite his hockey buddies out for a game sometime...he even has the goals and everything. I would love to have an ice skating party sometime with a fire and hot chocolate. I will make it happen sometime so better track down some skates! :o) 

Michael did such a good job and was very adventurous this year. We are so proud of him! Hopefully he will gain a little confidence each time we get out. 

A documentation of our deck decor and also our tree in the sunroom. If you look closely you can see our christmas cat, Scampy, in the window. 

My little boy who is getting so big! 

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