Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kundel Christmas

We celebrated Christmas at Scott's parents the weekend before Christmas. It is only a few hours away and we spent two nights. Michael did such a good job playing with his cousins and he had so much fun. They played hard every minute until it was late at night and Michael actually told us he was tired and wanted to go to bed--something I have never heard him say before! 

We did get caught in a little bit of a snowfall but we still made it to church on time for the childrens program. Ellie and Michael both got to be in it- singing some Christmas songs and ringing bells. Michael did a great job again and I was very proud of him! 

All the grandchildren on Scott's side. 

My sweet, not-so-little-anymore baby! 

We also spent a little bit of time making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and candy. I included a photo of what I was doing (eating frosting) for your viewing pleasure and just so there was proof I was there!

We had a really great time spending time with family! I loved spending time with people creating our houses, playing my nephew's new game of "Headbands", and playing Just Dance. I hope everyone else had a good time, too!

I think this wraps up my Christmas posts for the year....getting ready to ring in 2014 tonight. My decorations are still up but they will come down shortly after the new year and we can start fresh with a clean slate. 

Have a great New Year's Eve Celebration! 

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