Friday, December 13, 2013


Howdy, friends! Happy Friday! 

I've been trying to take lots of photos with my real camera for Christmas so I have a pretty small insta-feed this week. However, I have been trying to capture lots of our Christmas traditions as we experience them. 

For some reason I felt the need to get all crafty this year. I bought some chipboard letters and glittered them up all fancy and made a garland out of them. In the process I created a big mess and there is glitter everywhere! It is a good thing Martha Stewart Glitter is so pretty. You shall see it in my holiday home tour post coming Monday! 

I got my Christmas cards out on Monday and I am surprised at how smooth it went this year. I've given up on trying to print address labels and just hand write the addresses so I apologize for my messy writing if you get one in the mail! I also need to get my annual newsletter up on this blog so stay tuned for that also. 

Scampy: the one animal missing at the nativity. 

We also spent some time as a family watching a holiday movie (Home Alone) last weekend in the theater. We had our jammies on and popcorn- it was great! 

We've also been reading through our stack of Christmas books that we only bring out in December. Michael's favorite is The Night Before Christmas and mine is Frosty the Snowman (since I am trying to learn all the words and it is hard!). 

I also want to thank everyone for their supportive comments about my Christmas meltdown. I have since been feeling very good about Christmas and have been enjoying our little family and not stressing about everything that needs to be done. It is a special time of year and added stress does not add to the special feeling. 

Have a great weekend! 

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