Saturday, December 28, 2013


I am a day late in posting this but I wanted to share some photos from my instagram feed since we were still in holiday mode. I don't know how you all feel but I feel like I just pulled off a huge event- Christmas!!- and now I am in total shutdown mode. PJ's, coffee around the clock, lots of computer work time, movies, Michael playing contently by himself....we are in a little cocoon here in our house. I also have come down with a case of tonsillitis which began on Christmas and has left me feeling very run down. I am hoping by resting I will be on the mend sooner because I have one heck of a to do list to get done for the rest of break! 

Michael got this really neat play app thing from my dad for Christmas and it is really neat! It comes with a protective screen for your ipad and it is really secure. 

Our cocoon. 

Our food! 

It has been fun being busy prepping all sorts of yummy things for Christmas. I made oven french toast for Christmas morning (a tradition) and then wild rice soup, meatballs, and a veggie tray for Christmas Eve dinner. I also like to think it is part of our tradition to do a soup on Christmas Eve- it is easy, feeds a crowd and can sit and stay warm while we are at church. 

I have loved seeing everyone's beautiful faces come through my mailbox this season. It is one of my favorite times of the year! You all have beautiful families! Even though we live in a digital world I hope the tradition of Christmas cards in the mail never dies. 

My silly boy. 

And now....our 2013 in instagram pics: 

Have a great weekend!

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