Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

Happy Day After Christmas! 

I debated breaking this post into several but I am doing the majority of my Christmas photos here so just bear with me. I still have ones from our celebration with Scott's family and a whole bunch from instagram and then it will be wrapped up! 

We the absolutely most awesome Christmas. Michael was so into all things Christmas and loved every minute of it. It was so fun for all the adults to watch him be excited about it all. He was very happy he got everything he asked Santa for and I also think he was happy to have all his favorite family members (all of them) around to help celebrate Christmas. 

Michael woke up at about 6:30 a.m. on Christmas morning but didn't even peek at presents before snuggling in with us for about an hour. He loved his big pile of gifts and was surprised that Santa ate his special cookies. From Santa he received a playmobil house, a very cool hot wheels track for the bathtub, the ladybug game, new BOB books, a new sticker book, new lego tub and finally the most anticipated gift of all-- Elefun! Michael had very specifically been talking about the game where the elephant eats the butterflies and I think Santa did a good job of figuring out what he meant. 

After opening presents we headed into town for Christmas Day dinner at my Uncle Bill's house. It was an awesome meal and of course we did lots of this: 

Do you guys have to endure this at your family gatherings, too? I know it is picky to do but it is so good to have everyone together in a photo just as proof we were all there at the same time. Luckily I had my remote with me and my cousin Sarah had her very nice tripod along- the perfect recipe for a group photo! I am also very good at being bossy and as a result we can see everyone's beautiful, smiling faces. 

Our fabulous hosts who shared their beautiful home and meal with us! 

My cookie tray this year, minus the sugar cookies that I never did get around to decorating (minus the three Michael and I frosted and sprinkled really fast for Santa before going to bed Christmas Eve).

Oh Christmas Eve, I hosted my family at my house for dinner after church. Michael was just buzzing with excitement about opening up presents and he was running circles around the table while we were finishing up eating. 

Just for my own record, I served wild rice soup, vegetable pizza, meatballs, vegetable tray, crackers, cheese and my sister in law Meredith brought awesome tortilla rollups. We had pie from Village Inn for dessert. 

This has been a very special Christmas because my mom is here with us and is doing so well. At the candlelight service at church the message was "Come Home" and it seemed extra meaningful as it was such a blessing to get our mom home. After the service my mom shared when she woke up from her coma her sisters were there and they said, "We are here to bring you home." 

I am so thankful this holiday to have a beautiful home filled with my beautiful family...ones that are here and ones that are in heaven. I hope that you also felt the warmth of home- wherever it is-this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. I was so happy to read this post Rose-- you and your family deserve a wonderful Christmas. Ours turned out pretty wonderful to-- it is amazing to experience Christmas through the eyes and hearts of children isn't it? Love your photos of your family, I wish we had a great bossy photographer in our family that got those special pics! I did boss the cousins into one Christmas eve when they were all wearing their Christmas jammies. It turned out blurry and they weren't all looking in the same direction, but I love it anyway! Hope you can enjoy the rest of your break and relax a little bit with your guys-- please tell Michael and Scott Merry Christmas from us! -lh

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful words! His light shines so brightly through you Rose!

  3. Beautiful post Rose-beautiful pictures of family and festivities :) So glad too that your mom is home and doing well. Much love to you all!


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