Friday, March 8, 2013


Happy Friday!

Coffee seems to be the theme of the week around here. I've been avoiding grocery shopping and therefore have no coffee in the house. I've been stopping at the gas station to buy a cup before school and this morning I paid for it with a terrible stomachache. Ugh. I should get to the grocery store, huh?

We went to Scott's hockey game again this week. He had another early game and it was a good game. Michael is so much easier to take to something like this now where he can watch the game or entertain himself with plenty of room to roam. I actually (dare I say it) enjoy myself, especially curled up with a coffee and a warm blanket from home. It is so much easier now that Michael is was no fun when he was a little baby when he would cry or want a bottle. 

We've been planning away for our big vacation. The links are getting shorter on the countdown chain and Michael likes to tear them off. We then count them and talk about everything we are going to do on our trip. I think planning and the anticipation is half the fun!! 
The above photo is from our trip to Disney 7 years ago, before we were married. I have great memories of the trip but barely any photos. What was wrong with me? Half the photos I do have are terrible and blurry. Can you also believe that I had to carry my touring plans book around with me in a huge bag?? And Scott is wearing a watch? Truly the olden days, my friends.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That first "selfie" photo is so cute! And love the throwback Disney photo! Have a WONDERFUL and safe trip!

  2. your photography has certainly evolved since that Disney trip! i look forward to hearing about your upcoming family vacation. i laughed at Scampy's tail ... photo bombing : ). I'm glad you can find moments (like at the ice rink) to have time to yourself.


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