Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disney Day 5: Rest Day and Downtown Disney

Hi friends, thanks for making it this far with me. I can't tell if these photo journals are super annoying or informative or both but I am having fun doing them and hope they can help jog my memory in the future when I think back to my trip. 

Day 5 of our trip was a Sunday and we decided to take a day off and rest. We still got an early start and headed to Downtown Disney mid-morning for some shopping (most stores opened around 9). I'm glad we went early because we enjoyed low crowds and avoided the crazies that were starting to come out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day...which I had totally forgotten about. Apparently Downtown Disney is a great place to celebrate!

We didn't really explore Downtown Disney much on our last trip so I was not really sure what to expect. It turns out it was really fun! We loved looking at the stores and all the fun toys. Michael behaved really well and we got him a little $5 monorail toy which he carried around the rest of the trip. Are you surprised? This boy loves transportation...hopefully he will be civic engineer someday. :o) Or a bus driver. 

    We also took home a box crammed full of Mr. Potato Head pieces as a souvenir. You could fill a box and it was something like $19.95 as long as the lid could fit. It was a fun challenge!
They had so many fun special pieces like Star Wars. However, I've heard they may be phasing this out in the future so there weren't as many cool pieces as there have been in the past. 

We also got Michael a Mickey Mouse ears hat embroidered with his name- soooo cute. It seemed like most places that sold clothing also did embroidery but it was nice buying it at Downtown Disney because we didn't have to wait long (only 5 minutes) for it to be done. I also really wanted to get a special Christmas ornament and have it personalized to remember our trip but the prices were seriously outrageous for a little ornament. It was still fun looking at all of them!

We also had fun at the Lego Store and running around the many splash fountains. It was a beautiful day and they also had a high school band playing in the amphitheater! Go band!

Since this was a budget trip for us we decided to do something free (and I thought it was fun) to kill some time. We took the River Taxi from downtown Disney to the resort we stayed at  seven years ago. It was a nice cruise and kind of fun to go back to the old place (Port Orleans Riverside). I had really forgotten a lot but Scott could pick out where our old room was. We ate lunch here at the mostly deserted cafeteria and I was reminded once again why we had been bringing our lunches with us. It is just so hard to wrangle Michael and order/pick up food and make sure he behaves.

Family divided! 

We went back to the condo for naps and then we did a little swimming and ate turkey sandwiches for dinner (again...cheap).  It wasn't the warmest out but we had fun swimming anyway. Michael is such a goofball!

The most important thing was that we got to watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show that evening and see ISU get picked to play!! Scott had been pretty worried about basketball the entire trip (missing two big 12 tourney games!!) so I don't think he would have wanted to the parks today anyway. It was great to have a chance to unwind and rest our legs before the rest of vacation. 

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  1. Love your recaps, Rose! I'm sure you will too when you look back through the blog. :)

    You are a Disney pro!


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