Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blast from the Past: Disney Style

As I get ready for our upcoming Disney trip, I've been browsing through my old photos from last time we went in 2006. Yes...before we were even married!! 

It is so funny to see how things have changed, especially with my own photography. I have barely any photos that are good (like 10, maybe) and I feel like I don't even have a good record of what we did what days. I did have a really cool (at the time) canon elph that I could keep in my pocket and just pull out. I feel like I use my photography to document a bit better now and I hope it is evident on our upcoming trip.

Yes- what was I wearing? (my plane outfit...we got off the plane and went right to the magic kingdom, our bags weren't in the room yet). Yes- why I am so tan? (I did my first spray tanning experience- it was "new" back then in the olden days). Yes- what is wrong with my hair? (Florida humidity- it had just rained that day).

I did learn some great lessons from this trip. The biggest one was to get to the parks early. Scott and I got up super early and went to Animal Kingdom by ourselves on one of the days and were the first people to walk behind the rope to Expedition Everest (which was also new back then in the olden days). It was so fun and exciting and I treasure those memories. We had a great morning feeling like the park was all ours!

Again, olden days. Wearing a watch (who does that anymore??) and also an engagement ring with no band! So weird!! 

Olden days- that Epcot wand isn't there anymore. 

A family portrait from Japan that we went to Scott's exchange brother...who lives in the actual Japan. 

Andy as a baby- only 2.5 years old!!


Thanks for coming on this blast from the past with me!! 

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