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Disney Day 7: Magic Kingdom

You've made it! Day seven was our final day at Walt Disney World. We got an early start again this day but we didn't get to see the rope drop ceremony because we got into the park early!! We had an 8:45 breakfast reservation at the Crystal Palace so we got into the park at about 8:25.

It was so fun being among the few that were out on Main Street U.S.A at this early time. I love these photos of Michael in front of the castle without a mob of people behind him (although there were still a few). The really coveted reservations are at 8 a.m. so I will have to try for one of those next time!

A friendly squirrel. They are practically tame in the parks.

I thought breakfast was great. Michael actually ate a little bit and I enjoyed the endless cup of coffee. The best part was we got to meet Winnie the Pooh and his friends!

At this point in time I was taking really horrible photos, but gosh- look at that smile on Michael's face!! 

After the Crystal Palace breakfast, we traveled upstream through the crowds back to the Town Square Theater for fastpasses to see the princesses and Mickey. You can get fastpasses for both at the same time! 

While Scott was getting the fastpasses, we saw Mary Poppins! There was a long line so I had to settle for one a photo like this:

 We headed over to Tomorrowland to hit up a few things before our fastpass time. The first on our list was Astro Orbiter. Although it may look very similar to Dumbo it was much, much faster! 

We also hit up Buzz Lightyear one more time since it was no wait. So fun! 


And was time to meet the Princesses!! 

Cinderella was so sweet and beautiful.
Michael just stared and held her hands for what seemed like the longest time. Eventually he perked up a little and they had a great conversation about glass slippers and her mice.I asked him while we were waiting in line if Michael could see her glass slippers and he kept saying, "I think I see them!!".

Princess Aurora was fine but they didn't have as much to talk about. Mostly because I think we had watched Cinderella right before the trip. 

 I also really liked Rapunzel. She pretended to ride horses with Michael and hit bad guys with their pretend frying pans. She also gave him a big kiss on the other cheek.

Meanwhile, Scott and I were acting like total dorks:
funny, right? 
I also love this one of Michael meeting Cinderella. The photopass guy was good and he just seemed like he was having the best time. Wouldn't that be the best job ever?

I was really pretty skeptical about meeting the princesses. I didn't really get what the big deal was and yeah, I kind of got it if you were collecting autographs or whatever. But by far- meeting the princesses was one of the highlights of the trip. Those girls are the real deal and they made Michael feel so special. I loved it. Loved it, loved it.

When we were leaving the theater Michael kept saying, "and this is where the princesses live!"

 Next up was meeting Mickey. I'm glad I bought the photopass CD because my photos I had taken were terrible. It was weird lighting in there!

After meeting everyone there was still one person I wanted to meet- Ariel. However, her wait times were too long and there was no fastpass for her. I thought there was fastpass for her and I was just so tired of waiting in lines at this point that we didn't wait. Now that I am home I wished I would have just seen her but oh well. We had gotten bonus fastpasses for Dumbo with our princesses so we took one last farewell spin on it before we left. We also took one final "spin" through the Casey Jr. Splash area where Michael got totally soaked. They had the water going full blast today and it was ridiculous.

When I asked Scott and Michael if they wanted to take one last castle picture before we left all I got was this look:
 Yes folks, we were on the verge of an epic Disney meltdown. We had done great the entire trip and I could sense one was on its way. I just couldn't chance waiting in a long ride or walking a far distance. So with that....we headed out. As we were leaving Michael threw a huge fit saying he didn't want to leave. He cried all the way from the park gates to the monorail. :o( 
I felt the same way!!
Did I mention we ran into one more parade as we were leaving?
After a good nap in the cab ride home for Michael, we had a great afternoon swimming (it was the warmest day of the vacation), eating Chili's takeout, and watching a Redbox movie. It gave us a chance to unwind and get packed up since our taxi was picking us up at 6 the next morning for the airport. 

We had absolutely the best time. It was in every way as magical and special as I had hoped it would be. The best part of the trip was spending so much quality time with the people I loved the most and seeing all the magic through my son's eyes. 

We can't wait to go back! As they say in Disney- we'll see you real soon! 

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  1. Very cute pictures! I love reading about Disney through another's eyes!


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