Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall happiness

I've been trying to pull myself out of my funk and we had a great little fall afternoon yesterday. We headed to the small pumpkin patch right by our house and on the way back we drove by this tree farm with all the maples in full blaze. Wow!! 

Luckily I had my camera and we snatched up the opportunity to a get a few fun pictures. I am in love with them and they just make my heart soar. Michael looks so grown up! 

Sunday night is our Boardwalk Empire night so I wanted him to try this little hat on just because he looks like a little news boy from the 20s. I love it. He hasn't been liking to wear hats lately and he wouldn't let us take this one off at all! 

Pure autumn perfection. 

We got a whole wagon load of pumpkins for only $16 and had fun without all the hullabaloo of bigger pumpkin patches. This patch is right on my way to school and so I like to stop since I watch the pumpkins growing all year long! 

Trace's maple turned colors last week into a vibrant orange. I love it. It is my favorite tree in the yard just because it is so big, tall and beautiful. I think my favorite part is that it is right on the corner or our lot so I can see it when I get home at night from the car and also from inside our house. It is really special to me.

I'm trying to fill my heart with new memories of fall and still remember the had memories from last year. Sometimes even when there are happy moments the sad moments are there, too.

Thank you for all your encouraging words with emails and comments-- it means a lot to me and they lift me up. I am sending up lots of praise prayers in return! :o) 

I'm adding this link to a blog of a girl who recently had a stillborn child. Her words really resonate with me this morning and I hope you can find some healing or guidance in them as well--


  1. Michael in those red trees are GORGEOUS! And you smooching? C'MON!

  2. Love the beautiful pictures!

    Thinking of you and sending extra prayers this month.

  3. Rose, I'm so glad you were helped at all by my post. I had been having a really hard day, and being reminded that I'm not alone (never alone!) was such a blessing. Praying for you! - Anna

  4. Love your fall pictures! Praying for you guys in this tough month.


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