Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ledges State Park

I figured I better get these pictures posted while there is still a little bit of fall left-- how crazy is it to see everything so green? 

We visited Ledges State Farm way back in September before the leaves started turning. It was a great afternoon to spent outside and with my favorite people. I can't believe we live so close to this beautiful place and haven't ever spent an afternoon there! It will be a regular from now on, I'm sure. 

Sometimes I think the little unplanned adventures are the most fun. No need for planning or itineraries- just get in the car and go! :o) 

I feel like winter is fast approaching...I hope these beautiful fall days stay strong in your memories!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Rose, you just mentioned winter! STOP! November is not next week, November is not next week......

    I've never been to Ledges before, but it looks beautiful! It is so nice to have parks close by so you can just pack up and go.

    Enjoy the many many many weeks of fall that still lay ahead of us.

  2. Funny you posted about this place-- my mom and I were just talking about how we'd like to visit there! You can give us the grand tour if we ever decide to make the trip, I'm sure you will have many more outings there before we make it that direction. Looks like such a cool place! -LH


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