Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday Party!

We celebrated Michael's 3rd birthday with a family party on Saturday. It was really low key, with BBQ from our favorite joint (and family tradition--we have stopped there for a take out meal while bringing both boys home!) and homemade sides. Michael had a great time running around with his cousins and everyone else had a good time visiting with each other.  In hindsight, I maybe should have had some activities for people to do but I was amazed at myself for just getting invites out, my house cleaned, and food organized!

Michael was so funny when all eyes were on him during the singing of Happy Birthday! He's too cute! 

We had Scott's brother and sister's families stay with us Friday night and we got all the kids out to the park on a chilly Saturday morning. It was so fun to see them all playing together even though they are all different ages. It was a special weekend, for sure. 

Here's Scott's whole side of the family! I'm thinking this is going to end up on someone's Christmas card? I give props to my mother in law who seized the opportunity to take a picture while everyone was here and looking nice! (it is rare!)


We also had a little birthday party for Michael's friends Thursday night at Jester Park. It was also a little chilly and I think we just caught the tail end of the nice fall weather, thankfully it wasn't raining. It is such a perfect setting and our favorite place to go. I wanted to have something for Michael but just couldn't justify spending lots of money to rent a place out. It was a really good time and turned out just how I envisioned it!

Michael had been talking for months about his birthday and everything he wanted to have with it- cake, candles, balloons, friends, presents so I just didn't want to let the poor guy down. We'd go to the grocery store and walk past the bakery and Michael would say, "Is that my birthday cake??" when he saw all the cakes in the display case.  I feel like this is such a sad time for me personally and I hope that Michael doesn't feel the same way too. I don't want him to go through his whole life never having a fun birthday celebration because his mom was too sad to throw him one. I did feel moments of sadness as I was preparing but I also think that working towards a small goal of something happy helped me push through some of those hard days before Trace's anniversary of his death. It was so nice to see all of our friends who came out after work on Thursday and all of our family on Saturday that it really warmed my heart and gave me energy to keep going. You guys are the best. :o)

Happy Birthday, big guy!

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