Friday, October 19, 2012


It's Friday. 

Has this been the longest week ever, or what? Or is it just me? I was all jazzed up for Friday and wearing jeans and comfy shoes and ready to finish the week off with a bang. 

I walked into the teacher's lounge and found out one of my coworker's little grand baby had died the same day it was born. :o( 

It is so unfair. I don't understand why precious little babies have to die. I hate that it happens.


Here's instafriday:  

Birthday balloons for the birthday boy!

McD's breakfast with cousin Ellie....a tradition when we have overnight guests! 

Soo....we took Michael to a football game this year. We are crazy.

 He had a good time!
My friend Kylie and I took our boys to see the marching band do their step show before the game. We pulled them right up for a front row view. The boys were not really impressed but we thought it was awesome. It also made us feel really old. :o( 

We picked pumpkins. Scott got in on the action. 

I had a concert. It was a small crowd, but we performed well! 

Scott celebrated his birthday last weekend at the ISU/KSU game. I made him a birthday pan of scotch a roos with writing in white chocolate....just as requested. :o) It turned out well! What is better than birthday scotch a roos? I hope you are having a good Friday!


  1. the blurred photo of michael at the ISU game will always make me laugh! i bet that step show was really cool, too. good to know that scott has experience in his 30s before you : ).

  2. when I saw Scott's birthday bars I thought-- wow I didn't know he was that old! But then I realized I will be 33 to on my next birthday in November! Hard to believe I have known him over 15 years now-- I am glad to be back in touch with him even if its mostly only through facebook and this blog-- it would be even better to see you both in person sometime! I know I keep talking about coming to Iowa-- maybe one of these days I 'll actually do it! Lindsay


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