Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Michael!

Dear Michael,

You are three! You are growing and learning so much every day. Your unique perspective always amazes us and we love the connections you make to the world around you. You have a bright smile and always make fast friends. You love to run, jump, play with friends and generally be wild and crazy. Reading books and playing with cars are some of your favorite activities. 

Michael, you are the light of our lives. Our life has changed for the better because of you. We love your happy spirit and loving attitude. I am so excited to watch you grow over the next year!

Looking at these pictures I can't help to smile because you just look so happy. I'll never forget the story your dad told me that one time at the store when you passed a child crying you stated very matter of factly that, "Michael was always happy.". I hope this is a trait you continue the rest of your life.

 You still love cookies, you still love fruit snacks, and hot dogs and macaroni and cheese are some of your favorite meals. Balloons continue to be a source of fascination for you as well as our cat Scampy. You like music and I love to catch you singing your silly songs to yourself. You love to say what a big and special boy you are you always correct me when I try to tell you stories about when you were a baby.

 "I'm NOT a baby!!", you say. 
You are so independent and you need your poor mommy less and less every day.

Sweet, silly Michael. We love you so much!

Happy Birthday!!

Love, Mom & Dad

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  1. What a great tribute to a wonderful boy. I admire the fact that despite your sorrow over the loss of your precious son Trace, you do not let it over shadow the love you have for your precious son Michael. You have to live with the cruel reality of celebrating the birth of one child and honoring the loss of another within a very short time period, and I can not imagine how difficult that can be. Holding you up and praying for you always, but especially during these difficult October days. Words are hard to find, but know you are on the hearts and in the prayers of so many today, and always. Lindsay Hovden


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