Friday, June 1, 2012

It's strawberry time!

It's that time of year...strawberry time! 

We've had a run of cool mornings here this week and so this morning while Michael and I were both up early we decided to take advantage of the situation and hopped in the car to head to our favorite strawberry patch. It was a beautiful morning! Sunny but cool and not too wet. 

We picked about seven pounds of berries. Yummy, gorgeous berries just waiting in my fridge for us to enjoy! 

Michael started out being a very good little hunter until...

...he decided to see what those little strawberries were all about.

 Then I had lost him. 

I think after that point he thought picking strawberries meant picking up the ones out of my basket and putting them in his mouth while his basket served as a little trash receptacle for all the stems. He has the whole process all wrong! Or....does he? :o)

When we checked out, he proudly told the lady that he had ate one and it was really gooooood! I'm sure she could tell, buddy. 

We were out there for about an hour and now have lots of berries to enjoy for dessert and in smoothies and just to snack on. We got all these from just one little row they assigned to us. I hope we can get back for blueberry picking in July....yum, yum! 

Here is a link to my post from last time we went!


  1. Those look soooo good! And Michael's little trash receptacle makes me laugh!

  2. haha, i see Michael's box only contains green tops!! we went picking, too, but not a lot of berries left. i really like your hair, Rose!


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