Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I couldn't help myself...

2-Dick Clark Rose (memorial plant for Trace from Scott's State Farm friends-is looking great!) 
     3-Sum and Substance Hosta bloom bud
4-extra special zinnia bud                5-My first zinnia bloom!

 Okay, I just couldn't help myself. Things are changing every day outside and it is so exciting to me. My zinnias are starting to bloom and I know they are going to be huge and beautiful in a few more weeks. I ordered some extra special zinnia seeds that I can't wait to see in bloom! I'll share with you for sure. 

Michael is always busy outside and we got him some new sand for his sandbox. I was smart this time and employed Scott's help-- no way was I going to haul those heavy bags around myself! 

We have tons of motorcycles that drive by our house on their scenic drives and Michael always has to look up and listen. Look at his little eyes! Too cute. He always has to look up and see what it is because sometimes the loud engine is a motorcycle but sometimes it is a big truck or even better yet, a big tractor!

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  1. haha -- Michael's expression is priceless!! he is so curious : ), and he would see a hundred tractors drive by our place! your photos are so sharp, and the colors are popping so nicely. i really like the zinnias.


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