Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pool and Antiques

Before we headed home on Sunday from our Chicago trip, we had to make sure and spend a little time in our hotel pool. Michael, of course, had a blast. 

He is fearless! 

Good time was made on the way home and so we stopped for a late lunch in LeClaire and finally stopped by Antique Archaeology (from American Pickers) for a little look see.

Neither Mike, Frank, nor Danielle were around that day (how many times do you want to bet that is asked at the shop?) but we still had a fun time looking around at all the treasures. We tried to spot some of the things they picked on the show and we found quite a few! They are not lying when they say how much they mark up the prices...we could not afford one thing but found a few we would like to have- like that jug that looks like a head (just was on the not for sale shelf)!

We made it home just in time for the season finale of Mad Men and now I can't wait until season 6 starts. Hopefully I can find something to fill my time until then! :o) 


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