Friday, June 22, 2012

Instagram Friday

Yay for Friday! It is a beautiful day here and we are excited for a really fun day. Here is our week in photos:


 Summer time means time for summer hair!
I treated myself to a new cut and color while Michael had lots of fun with our neighbor girl who came over to play with him (boy, was he excited to see someone other than boring mommy!). 

Dig, dig, digging under the deck. Is a boy's work ever done?

Michael asks to "play marching band"....oh buddy, you make my heart swell. 

"Get candy"  at Johnston Green Days Parade last weekend.

We celebrated Father's Day with an 12 mild bike ride on our favorite trail in the morning and ended up at the Flat Tire bar for burgers and beers. I surprised myself and hopped back on my bike after taking three summers off...wowzers! It was fun! Don't I look great? haha. 

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  1. Awesome week! We have a Michael, too!

    And I love the photo in the bike helmet - it's real :)


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