Wednesday, June 6, 2012



The sunny days are here and we are loving playing outside. Michael and I hosted our neighborhood (and friend) playgroup on Monday and the kids had so much fun playing out on our patio. It was a little crazy but so worth it. 

Sidewalk paint!

Have you tried this? It is super fun and easy. Michael had the most fun mixing the colors together but mom had the most fun actually making creations on the ground. 

This outfit is a little silly but I think Michael looks so cute in it! Go Cyclones!

Youtube for kids. 

Yes, we finally went there. It was a rare moment of desperation where Michael wouldn't settle down when he was waiting for his friends to come over and play. We've been focusing on one book/week and doing activities with it and so we looked up little youtube videos on this week's book (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom). There are some cute ones out there and Michael really liked it!


  1. Hey Rose! It's Jenny Avery from WC. I recently found your blog and finally have a sec to comment. You and Michael find so much fun stuff to do! You probably know that kangarooboo has fun Friday w stories songs and crafts? We've been going and it's tons of fun. Oh, and my husband says your husband is his great grandfather? Have a great week!

  2. Fun stuff! That's neat you have so many little people in your neighborhood. I will have to try the sidewalk paint ... we made chalk and it was fun, too. Enjoy your week. (I like the Cyclone outfit!)


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